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Fingerprint Jewellery in Fareham, Hampshire

Below are details of companies supplying Fingerprint Jewellery in Fareham. The Keepsake Guild is a directory that helps promote Fingerprint Jewellery companies online and helps customers looking for professional Fingerprint Jewellery providers in Fareham. We expect our members to work to the highest standards of craftmanship and to provide excellent levels of service.

Hampshire << Fingerprint Jewellery in Hampshire

Charming Impressions
Charming Impressions offers a truly personalised experience and specialises in creating silver fingerprint and handprint jewellery gifts. Choose from our wide range or use our bespoke design service. What better way to preserve life's cherished moments by capturing your loved ones unique impression in pure 99.9.% silver. An individual and unique gift for Mums, Dads, Grandparents and even those with fur babies.