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Fingerprint Jewellery in Portsmouth, Hampshire

Below are details of companies supplying Fingerprint Jewellery in Portsmouth. The Keepsake Guild is a directory that helps promote Fingerprint Jewellery companies online and helps customers looking for professional Fingerprint Jewellery providers in Portsmouth. We expect our members to work to the highest standards of craftmanship and to provide excellent levels of service.

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Precious Handmade Jewellery (more details)

T: 07979 597471 - W: Precious Handmade Jewellery Fingerprint Jewellery

Handmade glass beads and beaded jewellery items including my unique Fantasy Bead collection of large and small silver cored beads, fused glass items of plates, platters, bowls and pictures and personalised wedding, christening and birthday gifts. Sterling silver and silver clay jewellery.