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Fingerprint Jewellery in Southampton, Hampshire

Below are details of companies supplying Fingerprint Jewellery in Southampton. The Keepsake Guild is a directory that helps promote Fingerprint Jewellery companies online and helps customers looking for professional Fingerprint Jewellery providers in Southampton. We expect our members to work to the highest standards of craftmanship and to provide excellent levels of service.

Hampshire << Fingerprint Jewellery in Hampshire

Laura's Treasured Prints
Laura's Treasured Prints, Southampton, Hampshire. Amazing forever gifts. I make handcrafted, exclusive 3d casts and 2d prints of your baby's handprint or footprint. Also unique solid silver jewellery keepsakes.

SilverEdge Designs (more details)

T: 07712 546777 - W: SilverEdge Designs Fingerprint Jewellery

SilverEdge Designs is dedicated to making personal and bespoke fingerprint jewellery that you will treasure forever. All jewellery is handcrafted and made from 99.9% fine silver. You can select a beautiful keepsake capturing a loved one's impression that is designed to your style and personality.

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