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Keepsake Products & Services

Our Guild Members are trained to provide a wide range of Products and Services and are obliged to adhere to a strict code of ethics.  This ensures that any products you purchase will be produced by a suitably qualified Artisan working to the highest levels of quality and service.

There are two levels of Membership:

Graduate Members; who have agreed to work within the Guilds Strict Code of Ethics, but whom have not yet been accredited.

Accredited Members; who have agreed to the Code of Ethics, been suitably trained and whose products and services have been stringently reviewed and Accredited by the Guild.

* Only Accredited Members have permission to display the Guilds Badge of Quality.  Please look out for this emblem when selecting your Keepsake Artisan: 

To find our more about the various products  and services offered by our Guild Members, please click on any of the thumbnail images below: