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Code of Ethics

Experience, honesty and respect are core values of the Guild and any Artisan accepted into the Guild agrees to abide by the following Code of Ethics:

  1. Knowledge & Experience:

 All Guild Members are expected to possess the relevant knowledge, experience and skill and should be sufficiently competent to tackle any commission that they choose to accept.  Membership to the Guild will only is accepted strictly at a Graduate level  until the Member has served for a qualifying period of at least 3 months.  After this time the Graduate Member can apply to the Guild for Accredited Membership, which will involve:

  1. Excellence & Quality

All Guild Members must be dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and must aim for the highest levels of quality in all of their work and in their dealings with customers and the public.

  1. Honesty, Integrity & Dignity

All Guild Members must observe the highest standards of honesty, integrity and dignity in all dealings, avoiding the use of false claims, misleading or inaccurate descriptions or misrepresentations as to the quality or origin of their work.

  1. Professional Respect

All Guild Members must exhibit respect for fellow Keepsake Artisans and their work, avoiding any negative or unjust criticisms, comments or actions designed to harm their professional standing or reputation.  All Guild Members must agree to provide support and encouragement to other Guild Members to help foster a positive, cohesive community for the benefit of all.

  1. Guild Authority

All Guild Members must recognise the authority of the Guild in all matters relating to this Code of Ethics and agree to hold harmless the Guilds Directors in any  decisions made on behalf of the Guild.  Failure to adhere to the Code may be cause for termination of Membership to the Guild.

  1. The Guilds Seal of Quality

Upon acceptance as an Accredited Guild Member, the Keepsake Artisan may display the Guilds Seal of Quality as specified in the rules of usage.  The use of the Guild’s name, logo or seal is strictly controlled by the Guild and any improper use, display or implied endorsement is strictly prohibited and will result in the appropriate action.